Our professional jeweller offers the following services on site

NEW Laser Welder

We now have a laser welder in-store. It allows us to perform repairs we weren't able to do in the past. 

Costume jewellery, stainless steel, eyeglasses, titanium and more!


Precious metals and gems are entities with prices that can fluctuate. The details in your appraisal clearly define the qualities and attributes of those metals and gems so that a determination of value can be consistently assessed over time. It is therefore best to have your appraisals updated every 3 to 5 years to keep your insurance coverage up to date, not to mention for your personal knowledge in case of a chip or missing gem. 
Also, since insurance companies do not cover normal wear and tear of your jewellery, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that during the appraisal, we will identify any small problems – such as loose gems, worn prongs and faulty clasps which may have occurred over time. 

Lastly, we return your item to you cleaned and polished… albeit a small but highly worthwhile benefit! 

Our prices are very competitive, if not the lowest in town. 
$40 for a standard appraisal 
$60 for a enhanced appraisal with photo 


Next Day Ring Sizing

Our on-site jeweler will be ready to give your rings the perfect fit. We will find out your ring size and get started on it right away. We'll call you when it's done! 

Best service & prices in Moncton! 
Ring sizing starts at $40!


Need a special message on a piece of jewellery – bring it in and choose from a selection of fonts.


Do you have a broken pearl or stone necklace – have it restrung and wear it again.

Corporate Incentives

Need something special for a corporate event – come in and discuss your needs, be it lapel pins, award medals, watches and other merchandise.

Watch Repairs

Has your watch stopped or have a broken strap – have a new battery or strap installed, strap and clasp adjustments and minor repairs also available.


We are one of the only places in Moncton that will change your watch battery or make strap adjustments while you wait!


Free Cleaning & Ring Inspection

Is your ring dirty – have it professionally cleaned and polished and have your claws and stones checked.


Jewellery Repairs

Have a favorite piece that is broken or does not fit anymore - ring sizings, new shanks, chain and clasp repairs, stone setting and claw retipping and full reconditioning of your cherished pieces available.

Custom Jewellery

Want something original – create your own with expert advice (engagement rings, matching wedding bands and other pieces)


Purchase of old Jewellery, Gold & Silver

Have old or broken jewellery lying around – receive an evaluation and receive cash (current used gold or silver prices) or trade it for something new. We offer a low stress environment in Greater Moncton to sell your old gold jewellery for cash. 

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We offer some unique jewellery services, you wont find these at any other jeweller in Moncton!

O P E N I N G  H O U R S


Monday to Friday - 9:30-5:30pm

Saturday - 9:30-5pm

Sunday - Closed



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