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Jewellery Repair Moncton

We will inspect your jewellery free of charge and offer our professional recommendation on how to best restore it to its original beauty. Many times our trained eye will detect a potential problem that can save you the stress and cost of an expensive repair or insurance claim. We have proudly served Greater Moncton for over 25 Years, all jewellery repairs are done in-house. 

Services we Offer:

Free Cleaning: Stop in at our jewellery for a refreshing dip and steam revitalization that will restore the brilliance.

Ring Sizing: Do you have a ring that just doesn’t fit right anymore?  We will assess the correct size you require and adjust your gold, silver or platinum mount to that “perfect” comfortable fit once more.

Polishing & Plating: Allow our goldsmiths to remove surface nicks and scratches to your worn articles, the difference will make old, new again. Re-applying rhodium finish where needed is critical to brightening up the piece once again.

Soldering: Occasionally jewellery will suffer a break. Not to worry most can be soldered back together with little or no effect on appearance at all.

Thin Shank: Wear and tear may cause your ring to bend or become out of round. Have a new half shank put on your ring for ease of wear and additional strength.

Prong re-tipping: If you have prong set gemstones, no matter large or small, it is imperative to have them inspected regularly. Missing, worn or weak prongs will allow the piece to “catch“ on everything, or worse, allow the precious gem to escape. A simple reinforcement of the prongs will protect you from a costly loss.

Stone tightening: Do you hear a rattle or think your stone is moving? Have it secured immediately before it goes missing altogether as sometimes a little leeway is all that is necessary for one to escape.

Diamond or Stone Replacement: If your gemstone has gone missing we can match or replace it with the exact quality of the original. Our inventory and access to even the most exotic of gemstones is without limit. Full independent laboratory certification will be included where necessary.

Pearl & Bead Restringing: Over time your necklace or bracelet may either break, have the gap between each bead expand or have the material discolor. Restringing the item will solve all of the above issues and enhance its look.

Jewellery Appraisal

We offer in-store appraisals, none of your jewellery leaves our store!

Over the years, the value of your jewellery and gemstones can fluctuate greatly. If your last appraisal is over two years old, it may be out of date and, as a result, your jewellery may be insured for less than its replacement value. That means you risk a substantial financial loss if your jewellery is lost, stolen or damaged.

CNC engraving: Personalize or immortalize your item with a name, date or saying, never to be forgotten. We have a CNC Engraver, we are able to engrave almost any design on most materials (jewellery, name plates, watches, pens and more!) 

Watch Repairs: We handle all makes of watches for battery replacements and most general repairs are done on-site. (watch straps, batteries) 

We also service and repair watches that no longer work. 

Engraving: We are one of the only places in Greater Moncton that is still engraving jewellry and products. 

We can engrave rings, pendants, watches, pens and more! Custom engraving is offered with our CNC engraving machine. We are able to engrave logo's, artwork and more! Contact us today for your engraving needs. 

Selling/Buying Gold

We pay cash for you're used or broken gold jewellery. If you're not sure, bring it in!

We pay cash on the spot, no appointment necessary. 

Swarovski Crystal: Accidents happen, and normal wear and tear is expected! Bring us your broken Swarovski crystal figurines, for a quote on-site. We have been repairing Swarovski in Moncton for years. 

Laser Welder: While most of our work is still performed through traditional methods, laser welding utilizes the precision and accuracy of actual laser beams to complete some of the most intricate and otherwise impossible jewellery repair work. We utilize the most modern laser welding equipment to repair your jewelry.

We are also able to repair eyewear and other items. Laser welding eyeglass frames will save you from purchasing a new pair of glasses. 

If you have any questions, please contact us!

Established in 1996

Family owned and run Jewellery store, serving Greater Moncton for over 25 years.


Free Shipping in Canada on all orders over $100.


Our reviews speak for themselves. Fair prices, fast service and great customer service.

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