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Prepare to be amazed by this gorgeous ring that will take your breath away!

It's crafted from 14kt X1 white gold, a premium metal that is durable and hypoallergenic.

The ring features a stunning lab grown diamond solitaire that shines like a star. The diamond is 1.05ct and round brilliant, the most popular and classic shape for diamonds. It has incredible brilliance and scintillation, reflecting light from every angle.


It's also a very high quality diamond: VVS2 in clarity, meaning it has no visible inclusions; D in color, meaning it is colorless and pure; and a ideal cut, meaning it has perfect proportions and symmetry.


This ring is a masterpiece of beauty and elegance that will make you feel like royalty!

14kt Lab Diamond 1.05ct

C$3,899.00 Regular Price
C$2,599.00Sale Price
  • Get premium white color that provides the look of platinum at the cost of gold. You no longer need to rhodium plate in order to achieve a bright white surface finish. X1 white gold has been enhanced with trace elements that provide grain structure control, ductility, and improved mechanical properties, while maintaining excellent casting characteristics and surface finish.

    Just in case you haven’t heard, X1 is a family of karat white gold casting grain that is formulated to achieve a very good white color without the need for rhodium plating.

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