We repair watches

We love watches—in fact, you might even say we are a little obsessed with timepieces of all shapes, sizes, colours and brands. One thing that we know about watches in more than 20 years of selling, servicing and of course wearing watches is that they need to be maintained. Every watch whether it be vintage or modern requires maintenance and general servicing from time to time.

Whether you’re looking for a simple repair such as a battery replacement or need a complete watch cleaning, overhaul and refurbishment, we can breathe new life into your favourite timepiece.


  • Battery replacement: Battery replacements are done while you wait. We stock close to 40 different watch batteries and are still waiting for someone to bring a watch that we don't have the correct battery in stock.

  • Bracelet sizing and repairs: If your watch doesn’t fit properly we can help. This is one of our most common repairs and we can almost always take care of you while you wait.

Moncton Watch Repair